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Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service

Year End Report (click here)

The Taylor Mill Fire Department exists to serve the Community.  We consider service to our Community to be our primary responsibility.  We understand that we are one of two agencies within the City that is never closed and may be called upon to perform many different tasks.  If we are unable to provide a requested service, we will recommend an appropriate action or agency to insure the safety of the community and those living in it and passing through.

We always strive to professionally and enthusiastically respond to the Community's needs.  In the event of an emergency, dial 911 on your telephone and we will be dispatched to your location by Kenton County Dispatch.  If you have a non-emergency call for the Fire Department, our administrative office telephone number is (859) 581-6565. 

Mission Statement

It is the purpose and mission of the Taylor Mill Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service to provide emergency response to fires, emergency medical care, explosions, hazardous material calls at the operations level, and other emergencies to the City of Taylor Mill, Kentucky and surrounding areas, and to provide other services for all areas authorized by the Taylor Mill City Commission. 

It is our ambition to promote Fire Prevention, Public Education, Safety Awareness, Injury Prevention, First Aid and good will within the community.  To acquire and hold for said purpose, money, real estate, or other property considered necessary by the City to carry out said objectives.  These objectives will be conducted and accomplished through the joint effor of career, part-time and volunteer personnel.


The Taylor Mill Fire Department was first organized in 1946.  At its conception, the Department was called "The Taylor Mill and Community Volunteer Fire Department."  The Department was located at the corner of Hands Pike and Taylor Mill Road.  The building currently houses a local garage.  This Department was owned and operated by a solely volunteer staff.  Residents of the area gave of their time, dedication, blood sweat, tears and often money to help provide fire protection to the area.  For more details, please see our history web page.


The following is a presentation of programs and details regarding your Community. If the Fire Department can ever be of assistance to you or your family, please do not hesitate to call us at (859) 581-6565. 

The Taylor Mill Fire Department has completed its certification through Children's Hospital to provide carseat checks for the public.  Appointments are not required however due to the posibility of an emergency call, please call in advance at (859) 581-6565.  Please allow 1 hour for completion of the safety check. 

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5225 Taylor Mill Rd | Taylor Mill, KY 41015 | Ph: 859-581-3234  | Toll Free: 877-653-2755 | Em: