Daniel L. Bell
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The Honorable Daniel L. Bell was elected the 6th Mayor of The City of Taylor Mill in 2011 and was again reelected in 2014 without any mayoral candidate opposition. Prior to serving as Mayor, Daniel Bell served on the city commission for 6 years.

Mayor Bell assumed office on January 1, 2010 and immediately began delivering on his promises of responsive and accountable city government operating with transparency, open access, fiscal discipline, and providing efficient, effective services to the citizens of Taylor Mill. Mayor Bell, along with the four commissioners, set the vision for economic development in Taylor Mill.

The community-wide strategic plan, which paints a bold vision for Taylor Mill, was put in place with the planning the new KY-16 Pride Parkway and “The Districts of Taylor Mill”. The city has established a vision for the Gateway entrance, along with a plan for revitalizing Pride Park, which made the community’s top strategic priorities. In addition to Mayor Bell’s additions during his administration, the Taylor Mill Police is now CALEA accredited and the Taylor Mill Fire Department added Advanced Life Support to their life squad.

Mayor Bell came from a successful 35 year career in business as a National Account Director for Pharmacia Pfizer Oncology, as well as numerous field management positions of increasing responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry. Mayor Bell is a former teacher and coach at Simon Kenton High School where he taught Biology and was the head baseball coach and assistant basketball coach for 4 years.

Mayor Bell is an 18 year Taylor Mill resident and a lifelong Kenton County resident with deep roots in the community.

Mayor Bell graduated from Holy Cross High School, and later, graduated from The University of the Cumberlands with a B.A. in Education and performed graduate work at Eastern Kentucky University.

Mayor Bell is married to Marsha Setters Bell and has four daughters and four grandchildren.

In addition to chairing the city commission meetings, Mayor Bell also represents Taylor Mill on the following committees:

• City commission representative overseeing the Administration Department.
• Taylor Mill representative on the Kenton County Mayor’s Group
• Kenton County representative for the OKI Executive Board
• Northern Kentucky representative on the Kentucky League of Cities Board of Directors
• Kenton County Governance Committee

Mayor Bell just completed his term as the first Chairmen of the Kenton County Communications Board, or better known as the Kenton County Dispatch Board.

Sarah W. Frietch
City Commissioner 
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Sarah W. Frietch was elected Commissioner to the City of Taylor Mill on November 8, 2016, and began serving the residents of Taylor Mill on January 1, 2017.  She moved to Kenton County, Kentucky in 1970 and has lived in the City of Taylor Mill with her husband, Mike, since 1996.  Commissioner Frietch was elected on the ticket “Working With You” “Working For You”, and she believes that not only her but each one on the Commission needs to have a high standard of ethics, be transparent, promote growth, and work towards a great environment in the City of Taylor Mill.  The City of Taylor Mill has a Commission Plan form of government which means each seat on the Commission is 1/5 responsible for the City, so it takes a majority vote to amend the budget when necessary, improve zoning ordinances, and make many other City decisions; while keeping the aforementioned in check.  Being consistent in an elected official position is very important to Commissioner Frietch as it shows residents strong leadership that does not waver.  Commissioner Frietch believes “We the people tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us.” – President Ronald Reagan.

Sarah W. Frietch has extensive experience that ranges from accounting to internal auditing of operations within industries to include public housing, manufacturing, and financial services.  She attended Dixie Heights High School and Northern Kentucky University.  The vast experience and knowledge obtained during her successful career is an asset to the City of Taylor Mill.

God and family have been most important to Sarah Frietch all her life. She grew up going to church and attending youth group, consistently.  It was no surprise that she wanted to spend summers with her Grandparents in New Jersey during her teenage years as she loved them so.  She took pride in mowing the lawn, going to the grocery for them as they aged, and going to church with them, while working 60+ hours a week to save money for college.  It was also no surprise that when her husband was courting her, she told him if he wanted to see her on Sundays, he could sit next to her in the church pew.  Over the years, Sarah Frietch became known as the balloon lady at church by many of the elderly she grew up around; as when she visited them in the hospital, she would always take a shiny and colorful balloon.  In recent years, she and her brothers and sisters cared for their Mother – until going to be with the Lord the autumn of 2016.  Sarah Frietch values her belief in God, being a loving, honest, passionate, compassionate, and hard-working person, looking at the glass half full rather than half empty.

Commissioner Sarah W. Frietch wishes to sincerely thank the City of Taylor Mill residents for giving her the opportunity and entrusting her to represent you and the wonderful City of Taylor Mill.  She considers it a great privilege to serve as Taylor Mill City Commissioner.

Commissioner Sarah W. Frietch can be reached by emailing sarahfrietchfortaylormill@gmail.com or by cell number 859-609-4581

Mark Kreimborg
City Commissioner 
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For over 60 years, Commissioner Mark Kreimborg has made Taylor Mill his home. Dedicated to the City, Commissioner Kreimborg and his wife, Debby, raised three children in Taylor Mill: Scott, Stephanie, and Stacie, who all attended Scott High School. Commissioner Kreimborg decided to get more involved in creating a vision for the City, and in 1985, was elected to the City Commission. In 1989, he was elected as Mayor and remained so for 21 years, only leaving to become Kenton County’s Deputy Judge/Executive. Commissioner Kreimborg was reelected to the City Commission and began serving the residents in 2017.

Commissioner Kreimborg has held several roles in Kenton County throughout the years and has served as Kenton County’s Deputy Judge/Executive, Charter Member and Secretary of the Kenton County’s Mayor Group, Board Member for NKAPC (now known as Planning Development Services of Kenton County), Chairman of the South Kenton County Working Group, Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force, Board Member of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Member of the City of Taylor Mill Recreation Committee, and as a Board Member for the NKADD Revolving Loan Fund Committee.

Throughout Commissioner Kreimborg’s tenure as Mayor and on the City Commission, he has been instrumental in seeing the City make great strides in development, as well as in the services provided to residents – Police, Fire, and Maintenance. Commissioner Kreimborg was also a part of the Commission that purchased land on Taylor Mill Road for the creation of Pride Park, and later, Park Place Community Center. Commissioner Kreimborg worked for almost 20 years with Senator Damon Thayer, State Representative Tom Kerr, and the State Highway Department to plan, fund, and ultimately the construction of Pride Parkway.  

Commissioner Mark Kreimborg encourages residents to reach out to him for comments, questions, or concerns. He looks forward to continuing to serve on the Taylor Mill City Commission. 

Daniel E. Murray
City Commissioner 
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The City of Taylor Mill has been my home for the last 34 years. I am proud to serve the citizens of this great community and have been honored to do so since first being elected to the City Commission in 2007. In 2017, I was reelected to serve my 5th consecutive term on the City Commission, and I hope to continue to serve the residents of Taylor Mill in the future.

Prior to making Taylor Mill my permanent home, I lived in one other city my entire life with the exception of serving 4 years in the United States Air Force. After my time in the service, I worked for the United States Postal Service and retired after 41 years. Of my 41 years at USPS, I delivered mail in Taylor Mill for over 20 years. This allowed me the opportunity to get to know many members of the community. After retirement, I decided to go back to work part time as a school bus monitor for Kenton County Schools.

Family is important to me. I have been married to my wife Theresa for almost 40 years and we have 2 sons, Scott and Steven. Both of my boys attended Scott High School and were proud “Eagles”. My family and I are also members at St. Anthony Parish.

Since 2009, I have served as the Fire Commissioner. The Fire Department has made great strides and was the 2nd or 3rd department in Kenton County to become a paramedical department. The Fire Department has grown substantially, with once having only one full-time employee, to a combination of two or three full-time employees, plus part-time staff per shift.

In addition to working with the Fire Department, I volunteer regularly with the Taylor Mill Recreation Department and assist the Maintenance Department when possible. I also serve as the City’s representative on the Planning Development Services of Kenton County Board. There are many projects I am proud of, including collaborating with the Mayor and City Commission on the Pride Park project and the Pride Parkway project.

I believe in living by the Golden Rule – “Do unto other as you would have them do to you.” I believe Government should be transparent in everything and the decisions made should be for the betterment of the people of the City of Taylor Mill. Thank you for your support in the past. I hope to continue to serve you in the future. I can be reached anytime by email, Danky330@yahoo.com, or by cell, 859-547-7160.

It’s always about the City.

Thank you,
Daniel E. Murray

Phil Peace
City Commissioner 
(859) 581-3234 Office
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(859) 803-6236 Cell

My name is Phil Peace and I am honored to serve the citizens of Taylor Mill during my term on Commission.  I have been a mechanical engineer with Ford for 27 years. My wife, Laurie, and I have been married for 27 years and we have 4 children, Alexis 23, Trenton 20, Arissa 17, and Ariana 7 years old.  (What a surprise that last one was!)  Laurie and I graduated from Latonia Baptist Kindergarten together, and we are both Holmes High School class of ‘85 graduates. Ford has sent my family and I to live in London, England and Hiroshima, Japan, but we always come back home to Northern Kentucky and we have been proud to raise our children here. We’ve recently celebrated our third Scott High School Eagle graduate.  I will do all I can to serve the people with integrity and transparency.  I believe, as Abraham Lincoln, that government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Please see my contact information on this website and don’t hesitate to contact me as needed.  I am here for YOU and I THANK YOU for having the confidence and trust in me, to allow me to serve you.